In game control panel model

Im trying to create a scene where the user will walk up to a control panel for a missile launch system click on the control panel and the scene will switch the view to a larger 2d control panel model that takes up the full screen. Then they will be able to click on the switches on the new model. They will click on a switch cover and drag the switch cover up to reveal the toggle switch underneath. Then the user can click and drag the toggle switch up to ARM or down to DISARM or leave it in the center for ARMED. I searched the internet to find a photo of the type switches Im looking to model so it is clearer. I am referring to the switches with the red covers on them in the image below.

panel image won't work here is the link panel

The question I have is how do I model this control panel. Do I use animations for the covers and switches? How do I set it up so I can get mouse clicks and be able to drag the switch to the correct position (Up, Center or Down)? Also I will probably be giving this to someone else to model since I am not very artistic and I want to be able to explain what I need done to the model so that I can set up the actions the way I need them.

If you are going to make it 2D, you won't have to model it, use the Unity GUI. Perhaps it will be a bit hard to get animations working though, but if you just use still images, one for Up, one for Middle and one for Down, it will work great.