In-Game Editor in Unity possible?

Hi, is it practicable to create an in-game level/feature-editor in unity?

Practical? depends on what type of game you are looking for I think.

I have been programming on our level editor for the past few month now. All in all because I was unhappy that the artist had to become a Unity expert before we could actually start to do some work.

Secondly, I would like the levels to be saved and generated on a gameserver instead of being part of a compiled unity3d file.

Lastly, the leveleditor we have build now, only has the buttons and options needed for the actual game. This gives us 100% control over what the leveldesigner can put into the levels and still maintain a stable run-time for the game, once we compile the final version.

Ooh yes and btw. it also allowed us to make revision and access control on the levels.

The first problem you needs to solve is to persist changes.
I am not aware of a way to modify unity assets from a standalone build. However, you can make your own data format.

The second problem is to show which in-game objects are selected and how they can be modified. Unfortunately, gizmos (debug/editor gfx) seems not to be supported in builds, so you have to build your own gfx and overlay it on the “real” objects.

Otherwise, inputs and gui makes it possible for you to make the interactive editing experience possible. Remember that the unity editor runs as a standalone application using the unity engine.

We would like this possibility too, but it hard to ignore the work amount required - especially if you want both top view and 3rd person view.


Keld Ølykke

Can the level-editor itself just be considered a game itself? Can I then call its exe from the actual game? So the principle is to just calling starting a game from another game.