In-Game GUI menu.

Hey, got a question about an In-Game GUI in C#, I’m able to setup a script using

void OnMouseEnter()


void OnMouseExit()

Currently using this to pause the game.

bool togglePause()


   if(Time.timeScale == 0f)


     Time.timeScale = 1f;





     Time.timeScale = 0f;




Iam wanting to have the same script be usable for each button (Resume Game, return to menu and Quit) using a bool for isQuit and using loadLevel to return the menu, I’m able to set that up for each icon, but Im not sure how to hook that up with one script to only show when pause is activated ( when I hit ESC).

Does anyone have an example that’d be able to help? Not really sure how to do it.
If I haven’t explained anything properly, i’ll be glad to elborate.


The one script should have a OnGUI method and in there you only do something if (Time.timeScale == 0)

I understand that, but say if I have 3 GuiTexts or Texture2D’s in the Hierarchy, I have a script which makes them do something, like a bool for isQuit or loads the main menu, but I need another script for the parent which only makes them active once Esc is pressed.