In game staff accounts

I’m working on a few games but one is an mmo that I’m taking the most time on. I was wanting to eventually add in game staff members for let’s say my irl dev team to be able to log in and interact with users/ban/moderate from inside the game, like how runescape does with jagex mods and player mods. You look it up and all you find are pages about modding your game, or modding unity sdk but thats not what I need. There seems to be no where that discuss this. I’m a fairly new developer with 4 and a half years coding experience. Most of it from high-school 12 years ago. I just recently took coding back up and it will be a while until I need the information but I’d love to do my research beforehand. Any help would be great, even some references or examples of how to do this would be amazing. Thank you in advance! <3

Another question. Why am I being forced to pick a topic and there is only one topic to pick from? There is literally nothing else and I’m sorry if that affects anything thing. It may just be glitches on my phone.