In Space Shooter game, I want my spaceship to get highlighted when user touches it.

Highlighted mean the spaceship should be upheld when touched.

Hello @bhardwajashish9717 you can do this by multiple ways:

1.Create an animation with animator that change the color of the sprite renderer (if you working in 2D).
2.Change the color of the sprite renderer with code thanks to a coroutine: Unity - Manual: Coroutines
It will look like this:
void OnHit(){

IEnumerator highlight(){
     getComponent<SpriteRenderer>().color =;
     yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.2f);
     getComponent<SpriteRenderer>().color = Color.white;

If you are working in 3D you can use the coroutine to change the material or make a custom shader.
Hope that will help.