In terms of performance, is changing the position of a whole canvas better than changing the position of a UI element?

In my scene, I have a Slider object (which is the child of a Canvas) that is continuously following my player (in every frame). The Slider is the only child of this canvas. However, I read that changing UI components every frame can cause the canvas to be continuously re-built, which is very bad for performance.

The solution I have in mind is instead of making the slider follow the player, I’m gonna make the whole canvas follow the player (for which I will have to make it a World Space canvas). But would this make any difference? Would the canvas still be re-built if I changed its position every frame?

Just do and compare ! :slight_smile: You have the stats menu that show you CPU time. Performances are a problems only if its a problem. Your probaly not making an AAA (if it is excuse me x)) . If your game run smooth so change nothing, some people will say “its not optimised” but if its good its good.

One of my teacher told us a story where one of his coworker wanted him to optimise one of his algorithm while this algorithm was running 60 fps on an Intel Atom.

If you still want a technical answer i will say that there will be not much difference between the two but try it and see :slight_smile: