In the stealth game tutorial, my shout animation makes my player move

I’ve been following the tutorial for the stealth game demo, and I just completed this lesson:

When I hit the shout button, the animation plays out, but the character also moves forward for the duration of the animation. When I preview the animation, the character model does the shout animation without actually moving the model’s position. I followed the scripts and lessons exactly, and I can’t seem to find what’s causing it, but I think it might be related to the animator. The only thing that the game does when the “Attract” button is pushed is that it calls that animation and its sound effect, so I don’t think it’s any script of mine that’s moving the player. I know there’s not much information to go on here, but I’d be perfectly happy to provide more if someone thinks it could help me.

Your error is probably the same I had. Take a look in the “Done” folder of the Stealth Project. There you’ll find DoneAvatarMasks. Take a look at DonePlayerShoutingMask and compare it to the Avatar Mask you’ve created.
Most probably the only problem is that you forgot to check some of the areas to make them not animate. It just takes a few seconds to fix it.

I did the same thing. Make sure the little IK things are turned off too.