In Unity 5, how do I replace files instead of appending "1" and duplicating?

In unity 4, when importing a package it would overwrite any existing files with the same name. In Unity 5, it creates a new file like “filename 1”. How do I make it overwrite existing files instead of keeping both?

@maxgabriel yes I’m still having the issue. Not every time though. Importing unity packages seems to work more often than updating prime31 plugins

I’m also seeing the same thing. It is beyond infuriating. Still, 5.0 did get us a projectsettings.asset that finally serializes as text, so it’s not all bad…

May be this discussion will be helpful:

To implement replacing meta-files need to stay identical:

  • for file that will be replaced
  • replacing file

I fixed my problem by writing a python script to do the job (tranverse and overwrite old file with new file that ends with " 1" or appended number) after importing plugins: