In Unity editor, how one zooms in to mouse position and rotate around object?

In the edit mode, one can use mouse scroll to zoom in to center of the scene. But how would you go for zooming in mouse position. Moreover, how would you rotate around the selected object(s)? Alt+LMB or RBM only rotates around center of the scene.

Alt+scrollwheel zooms in/out at the mouse cursor position instead of the center of the scene.

To rotate around a given object with Alt+LMB instead of the center of the scene, select the object, then press F to focus on it. The camera will now pivot around that object when using Alt+LMB.

I’ve got a question. How do you do this on a build game. I know this in the editorial view. but do you guys have some script that would enable us to do that in build mode/game mode?