in unity there are ladders along the edges of the sprite

на изображении хорошо видно, что при развороте пиксель арт спрайта его края как бы идут “лесенками”. Помогите, я буду очень благодарен, никак не могу их убрать!


You didn’t attach picture of your issue, but if it is the same as can be seen here:

Then I would suggest to add padding to your sprite, below you can see the blue line which are using simple white square sprite, but with 4 px padding on each side.

As I believe it has to do something with aliasing of geometry when you are not leaving empty space in your sprite and rotate it then Unity limits its sampling.

However, keep in mind that if you will stretch your sprite then it will create blurry edges, to avoid that I would recommend to use Sliced type of Image component where you also can specify pixels per unit of your sprite. Sprite should have been edited in Sprite Editor in Inspector in order to be used as Sliced Image. Here you can see example of slicing in the official doc: Unity - Manual: 9-slicing Sprites

Hope that helps and this was your issue.