in unity ui do not displayed armenian text

i set 3 languages for this game, english, russian, armenian. english and russian is working normally, but armenian text`a is not displayed. in inspector is displayed, when i print or debug.log the text, displayed too , maybe some ideas why

sorry for the mistakes, english is not my native languagealt text

Well I’m not familiar with the armenian language, however you should check the following:

  • First you should figure out what unicode code points you actually need. So you have to find out what characters you actually need. There is the Armenian Unicode block but I’m not sure if that is all you will need. If that’s all you need the unicode points 0x0530 - 0x058F
  • Next you should make sure that the font you’re using actually supports those letters. Note that Arial is not one single font but a font family and it also comes in countless versions. So it’s not necessarily guaranteed that the armenian block is supported. If this is the case you may want to look for a different font which supports this block. Though as I said there are countless variations of a single font, so check it carefully before doing the next step.
  • Finally when importing a font in Unity, make sure you actually include the codepoints you need. Setting the font’s character mode to dynamic should always work. Make sure you read the sections “Default font asset” and “Unicode support” on the font documentation page

So possibly (for some reason) you don’t have the Arial font on your PC installed so you get the replacement font or a version without the armenian block. At least that would be my guess.

Hello @StreakFlash,

I got the same problem with the Unity3D input field not displaying correctly the armenian characters while typing them in.

I could not solve the problem really and since it happened only in the Editor , not in build, I did not pay much attention to it.

But I noticed that the installation of the Armenian language on my Windows pc did not really succeed. I just could not install what they call “Frappe de base” (sorry my windows is in french) for the armenian keyboard (with an error code 0x80070490). So eventually the only armenian keyboard I was able to install and select was the armenian “phonetic keyboard” … and this phonetic keyboard might not fit really well in some applications… but I could not prove that because this armenian phonetic keyboard gives me armenian characters in other applications (notepad,word,etc)

I am not sure that my remark is relevant for your problem but I thought I had to share my experience with you.

good luck