In VR my fps drops several times. Am I missing something?

In my scene with a terrain and some basic lighting my fps drops from 250 non-vr to 45 in VR. This seems like a pretty extreme fps drop. I must be missing something. Also the profiler information I have is not very useful. VR.WaitForGPU() doesn’t tell me much and everything else in my game doesn’t seem to be effecting the game much.

VR apps force VSYNC on.
Oculus and Vive run at 90fps.
If your system can’t reach that number it will be halved to 45 fps with time-warp, that’s whats going on.

You say your game runs at 400fps without, so it should be able to run at 90fps with vr (which still requires more from your pc).

Try lowering UnityEngine.VR.VRSettings.renderScale
And see if you reach 90fps