In what way can I calculate a predicted target destination based on force to be added?

I’ve recently found Drag-Shot Mover v01 - and successfully used the C# version with a couple minor

        dragDistance = Mathf.Clamp((mousePos - transform.position).magnitude, 0, magBase);

        // calculate the force vector
        if (dragDistance * magMultiplier < 1) dragDistance = 0; // this is to allow for a "no move" buffer   close to the object
        forceVector = mousePos - transform.position;
        forceVector *= dragDistance * magMultiplier;

This works mostly well for the project I am building - however, my final goal is to turn this into an arc
instead of an impulse applied to the game object. To do so, I need a target for the calculation. What
would be the best way to predict where the force is going to send the object?

Well I feel a little stupid - I figured out my target:

        Vector3 v = (forceVector / _rigid.mass);
        Debug.Log(v + transform.position);

        v.y = GameController.Instance.TargetPredictor.transform.position.y;
        v.x = -v.x;
        v.z = -v.z;

        Vector3 DeltaVAdd = transform.position;
        DeltaVAdd.y = 0;
        GameController.Instance.TargetPredictor.transform.position = v + DeltaVAdd;

With this combination I can predict a landing point - calculating the force / mass for the velocity.
The negatives reverse so it actually ends up in the correct position to the dragging force, while
the target predictor is just a visual to verify. I can now fire the rigidbody at a target in an arc.
that is based on physics instead of existing targets.