Include data from an eclipse Android project into my Unity project


Pretty new in programming I’m in need of a little help for my student project.

I’ve got an Android app in java which gives me the latitude and longitude of my Android device. It’s not using the GPS location services of the device, they have a totally different origin (

All I can do so far with my java Android app, is to print those two coordinates in a blank activity.

What I’m interested in is to include those coordinates into my Unity project : I want them to rule the position of a Gameobject in real time.

I’ve been looking up online for days, I can’t really find any easy explicit ways to do it, even in the Android developers and the Unity documentations. I use C# scripts with Unity.

Has anyone a clue of how I could move ahead?

I found my way!!! How to create a Native Android Plugin for Unity – Lorenzo Nuvoletta