Include .exe into .unitypackage to AssetStore

Hello everyone!

I am currently working on some editor extension and it would be very nice if i could upload data gathered by it to some external app. I am thinking about including some .exe or maybe even some bigger app with installer and stuff to my unitypackage. Is it allowed to do such a thing? I don’t need workaround for this, I just want to know if this is possible - I have some other idea for that, but it won’t be that good.

Thank you for your time!

I can’t see anything in the Asset Store providers’ agreement that would disallow this, although I’ve never seen it done before. I think many people (me included) might be wary about running an .exe from an unknown provider and, given that Unity currently examine the quality of each asset submitted before approving it on the asset store, they’d also need to examine the source of your .exe file and be very sure of exactly what data it was collecting and where it was uploading it too.

Probably best to contact the asset store support direct for advice.