including a class from another script

I have a script called timerTool, it has a class called TimeTool

I want to create a variable in another script which is of type TimeTool, how can I best do this.

here is one of my many many efforts :-

var gameTime : timerTool;

function Start()
    t = GetComponent("timerTool") ;
    var gameTime = t.TimeTool( "Test") ;


// Time Tool
function Update ()
    print (;  //this should simply print "test"


I know Im going to kick myself.

private var gameTime : TimeTool;

function Start () {
    gameTime = new TimeTool(); = "Test";

That's it. Not that it's used here, but it's better for readability and following convention if you called your script TimerTool rather than timerTool. Lowercase should be used for variable names.