Including a .zip and .pdf file in an asset package upload?

I’m trying to submit my asset to the Unity Asset Store, but after uploading the package, the .zip file containing my models blender files and the 2 .pdf files that are the documentation and user manual are excluded from the upload as they’re ‘unrecognized assets’.

I know that these files (at least the .zip file, in this circumstance) are allowed. How can I include them in the upload? I’m using Unity 5 by the way.

Thank you.

Turns out it was just being excluded from the package bundle, but was actually being uploaded as part of the package… When you’re uploading the package, it creates a temporary file and unity package that can be imported into a new project to see what’s being uploaded. They were all in the package, I just had no way of knowing.

It would REALLY help if the editor could tell you that they were included in the upload, and the publisher admin package page should show you what’s in the package you’ve uploaded.