Including Editor Utilities in Dev Build

I am looking to make a Dev build of my game that includes editor utilities like the EditorWindow window. The reason I would like to do this is to allow nontechnical folks working on my game to have access to these tools without having to set up a dev environment. Is this possible?

Obviously, I would also want to remove all of this before releasing the game. Any thoughts here appreciated!

This is not possible. Builds don’t have Editor things compiled into them.

They only need to install the Unity Hub, the correct Unity editor, and gain access to your project (ie via version control). This is how you collaborate with a team, and it’s not rocket science. At best you can provide them with ways that allows for some work to be done outside the editor, just like modding a game. If they are as nontechnical as you say they are, it’s probably for the better to lock them out of editor work and let them hack around in spreadsheets and the like.

What you intend to do could also violate Unity’s EULA/TOS which states something along the lines that you must not create an editor-like tool that enables developing and building games.

Your idea could also be considered an attempt of circumventing the licensing system. If you are paying for a Unity license and these folks work for you, they also need to have a paid license provided by you.

In any case, neither the UnityEditor namespace types nor editor-only assemblies are available in builds. At best you can make a UI Toolkit interface that looks the same both in editor and build, but functionally it will be very limited in a build.

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Not to derail too much, but any idea how that applies to including things like map editors within a game? Lots of games let players design their own levels.

Referring to ToS 16.2 Use Restrictions:

I remember this was less ambiguous some time ago or perhaps it’s also mentioned elsewhere and I’m quoting not quite the right thing.

In essense it comes down to “competing with Unity”. You can’t use Unity editor to create an executable that lets users also design a game and output an executable. The way I remember it was phrased, it wasn’t allowed to make a product similar to Game Maker with Unity, for example.

Modding or in-editor design tools are not an issue because they are specific to a given project/product.

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Thanks for folks’ perspective here, including the tangent discussion! All very good/relevant stuff to know.