Inconsistency when using Hinge Joints and Wheel Colliders

So i have this vehicle with these funny threads/wheels.


I’m trying to use 4 Hinge Joints for the suspension system with another 4 Wheel Colliders (with all suspension values on zero) to simulate the physics on this vehicle, everything looks fine until we get a closer look.


As you can see the right suspension set gives in a tiny bit more than the left one, resulting in the vehicle remaining tilted. This difference might be negligible, but it is annoying and unrealistic.

Things to note:

-The vehicle remains at the same rotation before hitting the ground, this inconsistency only happens when the hinge joint springs ‘activate’.

-All Hinge Joints and Wheel Colliders have the same values for springs and transforms (except for the last few decimal places, these are always different)

-I have tested this issue with box colliders, and it does not occur.

Possible workarounds:

-Writing a custom wheel collider(without suspension).

-Using only the wheel collider while having a script to simulate the physics effect on the threads.

As you can see these would take a lot of work.
So i basically want to know why this happens and how to fix it.

IDK but I am rigging a semi-truck and when I parent the trailer wheels to the trailer their wheel direction rotates 90 degrees which messes with the wheel collider behavior…possibly something similar.