Inconsistent Accessibility: Photon Unity class

networkingPeer was internal so I changed it to public

public static readonly NetworkingPeer networkingPeer

Now I am getting this error

Assets/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonNetwork.cs(37,43): error CS0052: Inconsistent 
accessibility: field type `NetworkingPeer' is less accessible than field 

There was a guy online that said the namespace was important. I moved the plugins into the assets folder and now I should modify the way I call the code–but I am not exactly sure. Any idea?

I have discovered part of the solution. In the script NetworkingPeer.cs, change this line:

internal class NetworkingPeer : LoadbalancingPeer, IPhotonPeerListener

to this:

public class NetworkingPeer : LoadbalancingPeer, IPhotonPeerListener

However, this produces this error:

Inconsistent accessibility: base class `LoadbalancingPeer' is less accessible than class `NetworkingPeer'

Time to find the Loadbalancingpeer class!

EDIT: Wow - I didn’t have to look very long. There also happens to be a LoadBalancingPeer.cs script! I changed the class type from internal to public. I feared a wild goose chase, tracking down internal classes and changing them to public, but that was the end of the line. Woo-hoo!

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NetworkingPeer is probably a private or protected class declared inside PhotonNetwork. It needs to be public.