Inconsistent line endings leads to loosing ability to activate/deactivate script and makes it not working

im experiencing problem with making new Script.
I make a new script, attach it to object, write some example code in there then save.
When i go back to Unity it throws error about line endings.
I change settings manually in Visual studio (advanced save settings) to windows endings then save script.
After i go to Unity error is gone, but also the activate/deactivate button on script component.
Script is also not working.
Any ideas about what’s happening?

Thank You in advance

In relation to the enable/disable tick box on the component, Unity will only display this on scripts that it detects an update method on. If you script does not contain an Update method it wont show that little check box. Whilst I’ve not tested I would assume that LateUpdate and or FixedUpdate would also cause the checkbox to appear if you had one of those but no Update.