Inconsistent Values Issue

Hello everyone,

We are currently developing a game for Apple Vision Pro using Unity-2022-3-LTS.19f1 and integrating it with the Apple Game Center using the Social API. In our game, we authenticate users using the Social.localUser.Authenticate() API and subsequently fetch the user’s nickname and unique identifier using Social.localUser.userName and

After conducting multiple tests, we encountered an issue:
Each time a user authenticates through the Apple Game Center , the unique identifier obtained from is different. This inconsistency poses a significant problem for our game’s functionality, as we rely on this unique identifier to manage user data.

I am reaching out to the community to inquire if anyone has faced a similar issue or knows how to resolve this inconsistency. Any advice or solution would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, if there are any Unity staff members reading this, could you please provide some official guidance or suggestions to address this issue?

Thank you all for your time and assistance!