Inconsistent Sprite location on screen


I want to put 2 sprites to the bottom left of the screen.

   xpos = ypos = 200;
    cam = GameObject.Find("Main Camera").GetComponent<Camera>();
    gameObject.transform.parent.position = 
    cam.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(xpos, ypos, 0.33f));
    gameObject.transform.position = cam.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(xpos, ypos, 0.35f));

It works perfectly on my pc and my Mediapad 7 tablet and PC, however on my galaxy S7 it appears very close to the corner, instead of the coordinates 200, 200. Something is inconsistent. I also noticed that 3D texts appear slightly larger on my galaxy s7. It acts like if the screen is cropped or something similar. The aspect ratio is the same as on my PC. Any ideas why it appears differently on my phone than on my tablet & pc?

Thank you for taking your time for my problem!

I solved this matter for myself, I had to scale the sprite with respect to the screen resolution, if someone encounters a similar problem in the future. :slight_smile: