Inconsistent swipe response

I'm making a little iphone-game. When I swipe the screen a little bullet is launched from the bottom/center of the screen and in the direction of the swipe - and it all works fine. My problem is that I get inconsistent results when I compare between using UnityRemote and launching the game on the iPhone. A subtle swipe produces a perfect trajectory when installed on the iPhone, but the same swipe (i HAVE compared the actual numeric value the swipe produces) hardly fires when using UnityRemote.

Is this an inconsistency I need to learn to live with, have I done something wrong, can anyone help me?

Thanks Jeppe

I’m new to developing for ios and touchscreen devices, so take this for what it’s worth… But I’ve found Unity Remote to be incrediblyyy inconsistent. Lots of input lag and you can’t really test “skill shot” type of flicks/swipes etc very well with it. Especially if you’re looking to measure swipe distances, times, trajectories, etc.

Or I could just be doing it wrong too. X)