Incorrect comments in question answers?


Has anyone else noticed this?

Seems like some comments in old questions could be in wrong place.

See the picture below.

Question was related to UI buttons, and these comment were below my answer, here: Playing a sound on all button presses?

Two first ones are related, but the 3rd and also the last one of the comments deoesn’t seem to be related at all to discussion topic.

I think I’ve already seem a couple of similar comments, that don’t seem to be related to discussion at all, and also really don’t sound like someone said/asked something in a wrong place. In this case, there was no discussion about rigidbodies for example.

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Good spot, Ill take a note of this one and we will see if we can track down any more.

Apologies if its spoilt the experience for you as well. The source data wasn’t very clean so it was a bit of a fight to migrate and save it…we got most of it right i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here. Both comments to the answers have a creation date before the answers’ dates and do not make much sense in the context.

Edit: sorry, mixed up before/after, fixed it :smiley:

Well, an issue is probably that the old UA has question, answers and comments and each had a clear “parent” post. Questions generally did not have a parent and Answers always had a question as parent. However comments could be a child of a question, an answer or another comment. So you could have comment hierarchies within the same question. This new system doesn’t seem to have this concept. So comments to a post are always just in a linear list under a question / answer. So maybe the post IDs got somehow messed up. Though that would be a “bad sign” if that happened. That could mean that potentially many comments are wrongly mapped.

In order to place the comments properly they would need to walk up the parent chain until they find an answer or a question and insert the comments on the newly mapped question / answer. Though loosing the hierarchy will probably render several comments meaningless or at least confusing since it’s no longer clear what they were referring to.

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Seems like comments to comments are missing (generally?), e.g. here, here and here

Discourse (and the plugin Unity uses for Post Voting) does not support Comment Hierarchies (AKA Comment Threads) - in other words, you cannot post a comment that is a reply to a comment - you can only post a comment that is a reply to a thread. This is a very large distinction between the old Answers system and the one today and it appears that all such “replies to comments (and anything below that)” is simply lost in the transition to Discourse.

I raised this as a separate topic here.