Incorrect point light act on imported .fbx model (sketchup)

The image will show more…


I don’t know why the light is limited by diagonal line on the floor:\ (Ground is flat plane)

If I change smoothing angle to max-value then issue is more noticeable

Hi - There could be a number of things going on here. A few things to check (without first seeing the project) would be:

  • Check the tangents options on the importer (inspectore) and try calculate instead of import
  • Remove any lightmapping from the model, check materials and extranneous UV channels
  • Check the model in sketchup and see if you can weld vertices within a certain threshold before export

If the model is still exhibiting this anomaly try submitting the project via the bug reporter (Help > Report a bug) and drop the ref number here

Just now i edited sketchup project of this model a little bit and naw problem is solve.


It makes me next problem. When I duplicate(add another Point light) for example - green - only red is working. If I delete red point light just green is working. I want to use min two p.lights so i can’t. How to solve it. TIA

PS. Sorry for me english

You would need to scale down the range and intensity of the lights and move them to different positions, otherwise they will override each other. Also check the scale of your model to make sure your scene is working with the same scale as the lighting. More info is available here:

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Hi, look at the inspector panel for the point light and set render mode to important.