increase draw distance of OVRCameraRig

Hello, I am developing a VR app for the Oculus quest where you are placed on a terrain. I am using the standard OVRCameraRig provided by the Oculus Integration SDK as camera. Now I want to be able to see the whole terrain, but at a certain draw distance the terrain stops rendering. How do I increase the drawe distance in this scenario? I didn’t find a way to increase a kind of far clip plane, as suggested in other answers for this topic.

For those who are interested: I found it pretty easily in the OVRCameraRig object structure below the following path:

OVRCameraRig > TrackingSpace > CenterEyeAnchor (or any other Eye anchor

Then, below the Camera component, there is a group called Projection, where you can increase the far clipping planes as you want.