Increase in speed in iPhone Advanced


What speed increase gives iPhone Advanced engine version in comparison with iPhone Basic?

Is it possible to make 3D game with iPhone Basic and buy Advanced at the end of development? Or iPhone Basic gives unpredictable speed decrease because of absent static geometry batching?

The price $300 in comparison with $2400 matters. Yet :)

There is no inherent speed increase with Advanced. Static batching will work as well as you make your objects and materials so there is no set increase. If you make only a couple objects that can be batched then you will not notice the decrease in draw calls as greatly as if you have a large number. Advanced also has stronger stripping levels that will shrink your app size which will increase the launch speed.

Yes, you can do the entire project in Basic then buy Advanced at the very end. The performance decrease is predictable. The performance change won't affect you harmfully. You will likely notice a decrease in draw calls from static batching which will likely lead to a higher FPS, and then you can add more geometry if you want, or you can just have a more optimized version of your app.