Increase rendering distance


I’m currently working on a highly detailed game in hdrp. Though the graphics are amazing, it’s look kinda stupid. When i’m walking a can see a circle around me with details and everything further than that looks blurry. I thought it was some kind of render distance so… How can i increase this circle or whatever it is?

same i have the same problem

Thats a setting on your terrain.
For the vanilla terrain click on it, then the buttons you have clikc the one that has mountains and a cog.
Change base Map Dist. higher
as well as Detail distance and density higher

The better solution would be to replace the terrrain rendering with a better renderer.
Like vegetation Studio pro for example.
Vegetation Studio Pro

It lets you get FAR FAR higher density and render distance it also overrides that stupid vegetation limitation unity built in. Also who really needs HDRP, I get comparable results using Omnishader with none of the pain in the ass that comes from HDRP: