Increased Size of build WebPlayerFile

I build the webPlayer and find the messages in EditorLog:

Level 0 ‘Assets/Start.unity’ use 2.5MB compressed / 12.2 MB uncompressed.
Total compressed size 2.5MB. Total uncompressed size 12.2MB.

Textures 5.0mb 47%
Meshes 0.0k 0%

Complete size 10.6mb 100%

I’m confused about the size in first line “12.2MB uncompressed” and the last line “Complest size 10.6mb”
Normaly, they are the same this is the first time to find the different size.
This lead my webPlayer file size increased 500K.
(One week ago the file is 2.0MB(compressed) 10.6mb uncompressed)

How to resolve it?

I get it…


This may create Files just like

And the files be packaged in webplayer.unity3d.

This donot contains the mdb files.