Increasing dynamic friction

I’ve been working on a physics based skiing game. Its been going along quite smoothly until I tried to up the side friction on the physics material to get the ski feeling and found that it simply won’t get strong enough for my needs. Currently my player slides down 45 degree slopes when I need him to be able to stop. Is there anyway to up the friction to levels higher then 1?

Off the top of my head, properties that will slow him down (or change his acceleration) more quickly are (Rigidbody properties);

  • increasing his mass
  • increasing his drag
  • increasing his angular drag (slows his rotation)
  • increasing gravity

By ‘friction’, I presume you mean the values in the Physics Materials package. I’m not sure about increasing this past 1, but it sounds unlikely. I would try changing the values of the properties above to see what affect they have on the Rigidbody.