Increasing Number of Vertices on InteractiveCloth

Hi there, I’m using the Interactive Cloth system as a portion of something I am developing. I’d love to be able to increase the tessellation / number of vertices on the cloth to give it an more natural look, but simple scaling does not do this. Nor did I find anything in script or reference manuals that would serve this end.

Let me know if this is even possible, and if so, how! Thanks.

The Interact Cloth component has a Mesh property. This is the mesh that is being used for the cloth. This uses the default Unity plane mesh, which is not adjustable. You should create a plane in a modeling program with the number of verts you want and import it. Then assign it to the IC component.

I agree, use the softwares… Also you might want to scale it to your hand. Grab a piece of cloth in your hand and see were the verts are.