index < m_boolCount

I figure this is a bug since I really can’t for the life of me find out something odd.

I changed the animator for my character in a 2D topdown-angle game to change movement sprites using two integer parameters:hor and ver.I transition in between idle,up,down,left and right depending whether hor and ver are >,= or < than 0.Only animations are set correctly and I’ve checked the conditions from state to state many times.

Not only do i get the error message index < m_boolCount which is totally weird(considering I have deleted the bool variables I had before and inserted integer ones which leads me to believe this is a bug in the engine) but also animator doesn’t change to the correct animations.have already checked they are correct both in name and content.

animator had initially bool parameters for each direction and wanted to optimize it a bit by simplifying parameters.


It’s kind of a bug yes but easy to fix.

You get this error when you removed the bools and added the integers.
Even though the inspector may be showing the correct values,
you must still re-select them.

So simply, after you add the integers, go to the inspector and re-select your conditions even if there is no visual change.
It seems like Unity doesn’t properly log the changes when a parameter is removed.

I have already done that.Not only that but i’ve changed the way i handle things quite a lot since then,it is a pretty old thread afterall.
Thanks for the answer though but yeah Unity seems to mishandle some things,especially parameter removals.

To tell you the truth I don’t know how effective this is.I mean after removing bools to reestablish my conditions with integers I had to go through each
transition anyway to remove any bool conditions that remained and add the integer ones.Unless this is an asynchronous access problem from threading I can’t see why this
should fix it.