IndexOf returning -1 c#

So I have an array of towns set by tags.
I am trying to get a return of each specific gameobject in the array, so that I can access that specific gameobject and edit its variable. But when I try to call the return function it doesn’t find the array and returns -1.
I have a feeling there is a better way to do this, but I’m not good with syntax yet, so I just create what logic I can.
here is my indexof return function

public int GetTownArray()
		town1Index = System.Array.IndexOf (town1Array, this.gameObject);
		return town1Index;

Here is how I create my array

GameObject[] town = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Player 1 Town");

		town1Array = new TownScript[town.Length];

		for (int i = 0; i < town.Length; i++) 
			town1Array  _= town *.GetComponent<TownScript> ();*_

* }*
Thanks in advance for any help

Uhm, your “town1Array” is an array of type “TownScript” and you try to find the index of a GameObject reference which doesn’t make any sense since a gameobject and a Component are two completely different types.

If there is a “TownScript” on the gameobject you want to find you can do this:

town1Index = System.Array.IndexOf (town1Array, gameObject.GetComponent<TownScript>());

However if your “GetTownArray” method is actually a method inside the TownScript, you can simply do

town1Index = System.Array.IndexOf (town1Array, this);

I think you should try with lists

            List<GameObject> town=new List<GameObject>();
            //assign the list and convert it to list because GameObject.FindGameObjectsWitag returns an array
            town=GameObject.FindGameObjectsWitag("Player 1 Town").ToList();
            //you'd better call it Town1List instead of Town1Array now lol
            List<TownScript> Town1List=new List<TownScript>();
            for(int i=0;i<town.Count;i++)
                 GameObject actual_town=town*;*

//to acces the index
public int GetTownArray(GameObject Town,list MyTownList)
int town1Index=MyTownList.IndexOf(Town);
return town1Index;
IndexOf isn’t used to get a specific gameobject. MyList.IndexOf(x) or System.Array.IndexOF(y,x) like you done, will return the index of x, the int. Instead to acces a gameobject in a list you can just do list[index]. And if you make them public you’ll be able to see them in the inspector like arrays. Hope it helped :slight_smile: