indie db hosting woes


I am in the process of designing a mmo like game.

Right now i am exploring and designing diffrent aspects of the game (for phones tablets and pc), and i would like to be able to estimate how much it will cost assuming (10, 100,1000 … 10000000 online users…)

This game will need a consistent layer. in the event of this game actually pulling through, we will obviously more resources, than just using some cheap host (one of those 5$ plans). what is the equivalent for photon, for consistent data (where should i host my db)?

im having hard time to understand what kind of host i should look for. i would like to be able to scale my project (more space, simoultanous connecetions ,cpu etc), but the only solutions i was able to find were extremely expensive.

  • db like mysql, sql or anything really is just fine.(flat file likes db also fine)

I am looking for a specific host name, just like photon for example solves your realtime problems(or smartfox).

  • i can use either relational database or not
  • amazon servers for examples, looks kinda expensive or i just dont understand how their price…

Thank you for your help!

A company like Dataflame ( have what they call Bronze dedicated server hosting. This costs £99/month and allows you to transfer 400GB of data a month. You can pay extra for bandwidth at £30 per 100GB. I think the thing you need to concentrate on is the data bandwidth your game needs, typically that is the biggest concern for MMOs. What is hard to evaluate is how many servers you’ll need. You might have to do some experiments to determine how many players each server can support. The database that is used behind the scenes is, in my opinion, irrelevant to the cost determination.