Indoor lighting big building.

Hello, similar questions have been asked but I have not found an answer in them. Thanks in advance for your time reading my question.

My game (bsc project) is a simulation of a smallish hospital, and as such there are several rooms and a few corridors and about 45 models wandering around.
I’m undecided how to properly light it, ambient light feels very bland with walls looking the same top to bottom and some models look weird (I’m trying to use the free MCS characters(altough they seem to be far too heavy to have many walking around).

I’ve made the floor ceiling walls and furniture static. I’ve also reduced number of walls by scaling them and materials to eliminate repetition.

I currently have 50 lights which are just attached to a lamp model on the ceiling, but will need a few more. Do you think real time lighting is out of the question for these? The editor seems to get a slight lag. I tried reducing their range and increasing the brightness but this makes anything under them shine a lot. I’m trying setting them as mixed and put an area light in the bigger rooms to see how it looks, but the first time baking Unity crashed after awhile, still baking them now.

I wanted to have shadows on the people walking around and under chairs, tables.
Actually! I just remembered when we are walking around in a well lit place we don’t really have much of a shadow…

Would ambient + area lights be better? A single area over everything or one per room? I have so many objects the map takes ages.

Any major changes in the light settings that may improve this?
Opinions please.

maybe if you place a small hand full of lights up high as the camera is, it can light up the entire level with a few lights instead of 50.

If baking crashes ur computer try baking a few lights at a time instead of all 50 at once, maybe 5 lights at a time or so.