infinite low poly terrain?

i want to make a low poly style game and i want a procedural infinite low poly terrain, how can i make one? i am new to unity and game making. i would also not spend money doing this terrain so if anyone has an idea please help

Well, what have you tried? It’s unclear what you’re confused by - the “infinite”, the “procedural”, or the “low-poly” nature of your request… there’s plenty of material discussing all of these on this site and elsewhere on the internet.

What I’d do is create a terrain mesh plane prefab which is deformed by some noise function - that gives you the “procedural” bit. The “low poly” look is achieved by duplicated vertices that are shared between faces to prevent smoothing.
Instantiate a pool of these prefab sections in Start(), and place the first one in front of the camera. Then, in Update(), put a test to see how far the camera has moved. Just before a terrain section scrolls out of the camera view, pick the next section from the pool and place it just before the camera reveals it. Add your terrain sections to a list so that you can clean up old ones when they’re no longer needed and put them back in the pool - that gives you the “infinite” bit. This is an incredibly common pattern and is (probably) that used in, say: