Infinite runner


I really need some help

I designing a new game which I want to be is a infinite runner game.

It will be for all platforms but starting with iOS then Android and then Web and eventually Mac/Windows.

The reason I am worried is because I spend two month design all the game objects: terrain, walls, bridges, rivers, stone, trees ecc. and I put all the objects together in the scene.
What I mean is that you open the scene view and you can " travel and see" all the path of the runner. Is all ready.
What is missing is only the physics and the runner. Example: crash against wall and trees, rigid body turn left/right jump and so on but again all the scene where the runner actually run is done.

However the reason I start to think I did all wrong is because I saw that when you do an infinite runner game you GENERATE all the environment that is around the runner and is the environment that get generated that is moving and not the runner which is how all the things are done in my game. I will have the re-desing all the idea of the game.

Do I got it all wrong? Do I will have to do all the way from zero or I can simple make the runner run in the scene I already done.

Thank you for the help in advance.


you can have it generate everything youve built, so all your designs have not gone to waste, but how they are set up in the scene and that time taken might have been wasted but thats not bad