infinite terrain

Does Unity support infinite terrain's? and how i can make that , im trying to make 100km long terrain plane for my driving simultion game , i need help :))

infinite terrains are never truly infinite, usually in most games etc. all they are doing is when you get a certain distance to the edge of a terrain, they would create a new one right next to it, and so on. So thats what you will need to do.


Pretty much, you can make the terrains, make them prefabs, then just instantiate them as the plane flies...

Add in a horizon that makes it look like it goes on forever too. Many ways to do it... Get a position real far in front of the plane, if no terrain, make one... Make it so they spawn every 100 units, and % the x z pos. by 100, and make it goto the nearest 100 with this...

Really, games are illusions =). So think of how you'd do it in a magic trick... Then do it ;).


When you set resolution in unity 3 type infinity and it really works. In the error log it will say !IsFinite(outDistanceAlongView) and become laggy or if you computer is slower then 8 gb then it will not respond. I suggest you make a HUGE terrain but not infinite. It is highly interesting how you can do this in unity. Never tried on unity 2.6. It is fun to do this and see how many ways you can crash the editor.:P Anyway, yeah. That's it.