Infinitely Scrolling Dynamic Grid

Hello Unity Devs,

I'm working on my personal project and I need an infinitely scrolling grid from top to bottom. I'm a rookie in terms of Unity experience and I need your ideas and suggestions on how to achieve this feature. I searched sources on internet but can't found a source that produces similar to what I'm aiming here. Also, in later steps, I will need to generate some objects(random letters specifically) in some of those grids(it will selected randomly).So it will basically be seen like a waterfall of letters, in a grid position.

I'm waiting for your help. Thank you everyone in advance.

Hi, I think you need to describe your idea more specifically, maybe with some drawings or a link to a similar game or mechanic. Sometimes, it's easier to create an infinite world by scrolling the entire world in one place. But right now, it's impossible to imagine the result you want, so we can't help because we need something concrete to start from. A waterfall of letters in a grid can be imagined in fifty different ways by fifty different people.

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