info.plist addition to persist between untiy builds


Is it me or info.plist gets overwriting completly on each build coming from within Unity? I tried "replace" and "append" when Unity warns about the xCode project exists already, but with no effect.

Does this means I have to make the changes needed in info.plist everytime I build?!? surely not. There might be a way either in xcode or in Unity, and hopefuly someones know about this,

Thanks in advance,


You need to use the PostprocessBuildPlayer script. See here for an example:

Ok, found a way.

On mac ( not tested on windows), reveal info.plist in the finder, get its infos, and select "locked", then on subsequent build, info.plist is not overwritten. WARNING; if you actually change some settings inside unity that are supposed to go in info.plist, then unlock it first of course.



On Unity 4.2 info.plist is overwritten when project is “replaced”. Custom keys stay in file when “append” project. But keys defined in Unity player setting are overwritten any time (like CFBundleIconFiles, UISupportedInterfaceOrientations etc).