information overload- TILT!

I am creating a first person adventure game and I want to be able to update the player information(stats, skills, quest-flags, etc) and be able to save the game when the player chooses. My thought would be to use a database for that, but I’m not sure what databases are compatible with unity. This is going to be a standalone PC game released in episodes. I am familiar with LAMP operations on the web side, but this is not an MMO or other online game. Can someone take me through step-by-step. Thanks!

I would use

[1] to save those things, but the player can edit the file so that's a problem. Better than nothing I guess ...


If you are familiar with SQL you can use SQLite. It’s a quite small but powerful database engine which works on a databasefile. Like Berenger already said, almost all common ways of storing data can relatively easy manipulated by the user. If this is a problem you need some kind of security / checksums / hashes / encryption / redundancy to prevent the user from doing changes to your save files.

Here is a mixed mode assembly of SQLite, which of cource works with Unity3d standalone. It doesn’t work in the webplayer since you have no access to the filesystem or native code.

your best bet is to have a database on a server so there is no editing of the files but this will require a lot more programming skills like HTML or SQL, tutorials can be found on youtube and you can go to to get free web hosting hope this helped