Initial script, to run before any others?

Hi! I have been failing at finding any information to do with making a script that is guaranteed to be executed before any others.

I would like to arrange some data into arrays for use in the Start() function of various other scripts. The problem being this, the arrays are not always set-up by the time they are trying to be accessed…

From what I have read the scripts are initially executed in no particular order, making it hard to guarantee which comes first.

Any ideas? Thanks.

This is where the Script Execution Order comes to the rescue. You find it at Edit > Project Settings > Script Execution Order. Read up on the predetermined order within a script as well to get a better understanding of the engine.

the first script will be in the Game Manager,
make a new scrip name GameManager and unity change automatic the icon of this scrip for a gear icon and this going to run before any others

public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour{…}

This assumption however is not correct. The script GameManager is not garanteed to be loaded before any other scripts attached, just like any other monobehaviour scripts it could be loaded ealiert or later. The way to specify order of execution is in:
ProjectSettings/Script Execution Order

It could be any script, the name GameManager doesn’t make sense.