Initial synchronization Scene Event Notification is not sent when starting a host

Version 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

When starting a host, I'd expect to receive a SceneEventType.SynchronizeComplete event when all in scene placed networkObject get spawned, and I never receive the event.

My code follows pretty much what described in the docs:

                RelayServerData relayServerData = new RelayServerData(allocation, "dtls");
                NetworkManager.Singleton.ConnectionApprovalCallback = ApprovalCheck;
                NetworkManager.Singleton.NetworkConfig.ConnectionData = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(LobbyManager.Instance.CurrentPlayer.Id);
                bool success = NetworkManager.Singleton.StartHost();
                if (success)
                    NetworkManager.Singleton.SceneManager.OnSceneEvent += NetworkSceneManager.Instance.SceneManager_OnSceneEvent;

In my NetworkSceneManager I reduced the code to a simple log

public void SceneManager_OnSceneEvent(SceneEvent sceneEvent)
            print("SCENE EVENT");

N.B. I do receive the events when a client connects

Hi there,
Have you ever tried to add Listener before the "StartHost" method?

thanks for the suggestion but I tried and when subscribing to scene events before starting the host makes the call to StartHost throw.