Initial value of joint angle for HingeJoint2D

I’m trying to make a sample hinge joint, without any script added, just using the limits of HingeJoint2D.

When i start the test mode, the joint angle be the lower angle automatically, even with the green bone in the limits.
I notice that when the testing mode is loading, the game object be rotated slightly, then when the loading is completed, it goes to the lower angle.

I tried it without limits, and it do as expected without changing anything, so the problem is with the limits.

that’s when loading:
so, what should i do to make it start normally as what i put it in scene?
EDIT: i figured it out,that was because i se up the limits using the visual editor not changing the values itself from the inspector.
So, this lead to being over 360 degrease, so it was like an equivalent angle not the actual angle.

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