Inline padding of button text

Is there a way to adjust the padding on a button inline, or is the only way through modifying the value via the GUIStyle properties panel?

If it is possible (like GUIStyle.Width(40)), how would I change the padding?


This doesn’t exactly answer my question, but for those of you who come across this question looking for an answer, I was able to pad my button title by placing a " " (or tab) as a string in front of my button title to indent it.


var ButtonName:String = "";
ButtonName += "	";
ButtonName += "My Button Title";
GUILayout.Button(ButtonName, "myStyle");

Hope this helps someone!

I know the question is old, but since I happened upon it while looking for the answer to the exact same question myself - here is how I did this through code

private GUIStyle buttonStyle = new GUIStyle();
void DefineStyles(){
     buttonStyle =;
     buttonStyle.normal.textColor = Color.white;
     buttonStyle.fontStyle = FontStyle.Bold; = -4;
     buttonStyle.padding.left = 3;
}//end define Styles

if(GUI.Button(new Rect(145,190,110,15), "Increment All", buttonStyle)){...etc}

Unfortunately, this is somehow changing my button padding on my rather than on my buttonStyle GUIStyle like I was expecting it would. Will post the solution to that smaller problem when (if!) I figure it out (I am cheating my way through this right now).

However, I think this is what you were looking for.