Input Axis LeftAnalogHorizontal is not setup.

Hello Team,

I’m new in Game Development, just downloaded INVECTOR: THIRD PERSON CONTROLLER SHOOTER.

When I clicked demo and play, I got Pop-up.

“ArgumentException: Input Axis LeftAnalogHorizontal is not setup.
To change the input settings use: Edit → Project Settings → Input
Invector.vCharacterController.vInput.isJoystickInput () (at Assets/Invector-3rdPersonController/Basic Locomotion/Scripts/CharacterController/vInput.cs:210)
Invector.vCharacterController.vInput.OnGUI () (at Assets/Invector-3rdPersonController/Basic Locomotion/Scripts/CharacterController/vInput.cs:88)”

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Abhinav Agarwal

Easy. Go to Invector option on top bar and click import project settings,Easy, go to Investor tab on top and click import project settings.

Set it up like this

Sorry, to further clarify; when using Input.GetAxis(string) or Input.GetButton(string) the string must match the name of the input in the input manager exactly. So if “LeftAnalogHorizontal” is not in your input manager, you need to rename one of them to that or create a new one with that name.

You can see what the typical settings for an axis, a button and a mousewheel are in this screenshot, I don’t have a reference for joystick settings but you can either experiment and find what works yourself or google it.

Hope this helps.


i have also this problem how to solve it please inform me

Thanks @anindoneo this worked !!!