Input Configuration in Build resets all axis to joystick axis 0

In my game project, I’ve got the Input Manager with a Horizontal input set to 5th axis for all joysticks. Within Unity, this works fine, and the game controls as it should. However, when I publish a build (Mac) on the Input Configuration screen at start up, the Control that was set to axis 5 is now set to axis 0. the joystick buttons remain set correctly, but when I try to use the controller within the build, nothing works. I’ve tried this with multiple controllers that work great within Unity, but as soon as I make a build, they stop working.

any thoughts?

Additional note, When making a web player build of the game, the controller works correctly. It does not work with the Mac build. I’m currently unable to test pc or linux. I have also tested using both unity’s built in input manager, and cInput2, both have the same issue in the Mac build.

perhaps the title isn’t a great description. It should be “Controller works with everything except Mac build…Help!”