Input control not working on VR Samples on Mac OSX 10.11.1

Hello, I have just loaded in the VR samples to unity 5.3 on my mac running OSX 10.11.1 and I find that the input scheme being suggested by the Intro demos and beyond are not registering my input. I can select the buttons with my headset (DK2), but the Left Mouse/Left Control are not registering an input. This includes when the mouse is in the Oculus “monitor” according to my mac’s display properties. I have checked input scheme and the Fire control appears to be mapped properly.

I’m not seeing any errors in the console either.

Is there something else I can look for?

Same issue here. Windows 10 64-bit, DK2, Unity version 5.5.0f3. So either no one uses the samples, or no one uses them with a DK2 I’m guessing…