Input.GetAxis always return 0

I have the following piece of code that am running on my Mac Pro with trail version of Unity 4. I am quite new to unity and game programming and maybe am missing something very obvious so any help is greatly appreciated.

function Update () {
    	Debug.Log("X=" + Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") + " Y=" + Input.GetAxis("Vertical"));

Both horizontal and vertical axis always return zero. Below, I have an image of my input manager.


Sorry for reviving an old question, but I thought I’d share the answer for a similar problem I just encountered.

I imported Azuline Studios’ Realistic FPS Prefab into a project, and it added tags, layers, and who knows what else. But, pertinent to this question, it also added two additional InputManager Axes named “Vertical” and “Horizontal” that weren’t assigned any keys. These were in addition to the existing “Vertical” and “Horizontal” that the project had by default.

These caused Input.GetAxis(“Vertical”) to always return zero, which broke my project until I removed the duplicates.